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Go ROARsome with Wilko

Take Dino-mania back home with you this summer with Wilko and give your walls a playful look with this colourful dinosaur print wallpaper. The ideal decoration for a kid’s bedroom, it makes a fun addition as a feature wall or on all four walls.

Or if you want a summer party, why not make it dinosaur-themed with Wilko’s incredible decorations?

Set the scene for pre-historic fun with this Dinosaur Party Banner from Wilko. Featuring a friendly dino hanging “Party Time!” lettering in its wingspan, this letter banner is ideal for decorating a dinosaur birthday party.

Clean up dino-sized spills in no time with the help of these Dinosaur Party Napkins. Featuring a charming design of a kids’ favourite dinosaurs, these paper napkins are sure to be a hit with guests at your dinosaur birthday party.

Get guests ready for a rumble in the jungle with these fun Dinosaur Party Hats. Featuring a spine of Stegosaurus spikes, these green hats will have everyone at your dinosaur birthday party roaring with approval.

Who said Dino-mania had to finish in August? Enjoy these prehistoric decorations all year round with our Wilko store! *Subject to availability.

Save the dates:

Wednesday 10th August

Make some unforgettable memories by meeting some little Jurassic friends! Our knowledgeable Dinosaur Rangers will be visiting with three baby dinosaurs; Brian, Sassy and Drippy who have come to say hello.

Walk-about dinosaur Meet & greet & dino-trail

Wednesday 24th August

Meet and greet two walking dinosaurs (a T-rex and Raptor) and browse our interesting fossil display.

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