Woodland Wonderland

Swansgate’s Woodland Wonderland Christmas is almost here!

Step into a magical Woodland Wonderland this Christmas season at Swansgate Shopping Centre. 

  • Meet & Greet: Get up close and personal with Father Christmas and his one-of-a-kind green Christmas-loathing friend. An unforgettable experience for the entire family.
  • Write Your Letters: Share your wishes and dreams with Santa Claus by writing your own special letter to him. Will your wishes come true this Christmas?
  • Hunt for Woodland Creatures: This year, Swansgate has become a shelter for woodland animals. Join the hunt to find these adorable creatures hidden in the centre.

Saturday 9th December – Meet Father Christmas and his green Christmas-loathing friend!
(10AM-11AM Quiet Hour)

Saturday 16th December – Meet Father Christmas and write him a letter!
(10AM-11AM Quiet Hour)

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary festive adventure. Swansgate Shopping Centre is your destination for a Woodland Wonderland Christmas like no other. Join us and feel the magic of the season!

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