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We Are Here – Half Term Art Exhibition

WE ARE HERE project

Youth, Art & Skills Wellingborough

The Youth, Arts & Skills project is looking for Wellingborough young people 12 years+ to take part in a public art exhibition on the theme of We Are Here which will open in February half-term. They are asking young people to produce a piece of art individually or from their organisation, speaking their truth about issues affecting young people in Wellingborough and what would help young people to thrive in Wellingborough.

The project is looking for Wellingborough young people 12 – 18yrs to create artworks for a public exhibition to be held at the Swansgate Centre Wellingborough in February 2023 half term.

WE ARE HERE is an exhibition about place and people – using maps, journeys and spaces to talk about how young people feel about Wellingborough and changes they’d like to see.

We’d like young people to think about…

  • Where do you walk in Wellingborough? How does the journey make you feel? What do you see that you like and what
    do you see that you want to change?
  • When out in Wellingborough, what kind of things do you experience every day? Are there things you’d like to change?
  • What places and spaces do you go to that should be celebrated?

Could you create?

  • a subversive cross stitch or embroidery piece in a circular frame (any size)
  • or an art piece on canvas or paper that is 297mm x 297mm (A3 with the length trimmed down so it is square)
  • or a 3D model or sculpture from any material no more than 10cm cubed

You can work on your own or as a group. You could do it at home, or with your school/youth group or a group of friends. We’d love to explain the project face to face if you’d like us to visit your group and support is available.

Or if you don’t know where to start, join their group which meets on 8th February 6pm-8pm at St Marks Church Queensway. Whichever option you choose, contact to register before you start.

Next session date: 8th Feb

Times: 6pm-8pm

Venue: St Marks Church,  142 Queensway, Wellingborough NN8 3SD [link to map]

Cost: FREE sessions

Exhibition details: Artworks will be put into the space on Monday 13th February, then the exhibition will be open to the public 14th – 17th February. Tue 14th – Fri 17th there will also be free workshops for young people 12-18yrs to come and add to the exhibition.

Sign up: via the online Google form at

Share: Invite your friends on facebook

More about Youth Arts & Skills

Youth, Arts & Skills Wellingborough has set up a Youth Forum of young people who get creative and use that creativity to make a difference locally with social action projects, like our art exhibition. The project aims to develop young people’s transferable skills and their creativity as well as giving them a platform locally to make a difference in their community.

They are looking at creating impactful statements within art pieces where young people express a view which adults or other people in their community might not have thought about before, or raise an issue that young people are facing locally, or project a vision of an ideal future Wellingborough for young people.

It could be a cross stitch about community safety, a painting which shows what safe spaces for young people look like, a poem about the type of mental health support young people need locally, or photography showing problem areas or success stories around the town. Anything! But please let us know your ideas as you start so we can accommodate your artwork. The artwork needs to be suitable for public viewing i.e. suitable for young ages, containing no swear words for example.

You can read about the project so far at and please email with questions or ideas for artwork, collaborations etc.


Start Date End Date
27/01/2023 12:00 am 19/02/2023 12:00 am