Good Deeds: Our April Winner!

Wellingborough group, Dog Squad NN8 received a nomination for the support shown to local resident Zara Thomas when she sadly lost her own dog Obi.

Zara explained “Two weeks ago I didn’t even know they existed but then I had never had my dog go missing before. On the 14th March whilst out with my dog walker Obi got spooked and ran. We searched all the surrounding area and my dog walker called on other dog walkers to get involved. One mentioned the dog squad. We messaged to see what help they could support and straight away had a long message of how to try and locate him out first outreach from Geraldine of dog squad.”

“The dogs moved on and we put posters out and searched every day. We were posting everywhere on social media asking for people to look out for obi but to no avail. Always in the background was dog squad with doglost offering advice and support as to where to look and place posters. Providing comfort in where he was located he would have shelter and food accessible to him. We then had a report of a sighting 4 days later so dog squad set up 3 live camera feeds which were monitored day and night by Geraldine. She stayed in constant communication with me and was advising other places that she though he may have moved to so we could get posters out in the area. Sadly on 25th March I had the phone call I was dreading from network rail to say Obi had been found on the track. I was devestated and called Geraldine to let her know the search was over. She was fantastic and offered to collect Obi if we felt we couldn’t do it and advised later it was thanks to her that network rail found him at all as with the help of CCUK they tracked that Obi must have entered a tunnel to get on the tracks which is how he met his demise. Geraldine has sent me the most wonderful messages of support and even arranged for a beautiful angel tea light to be sent to us in memory of obi. As sad as my story is and not the outcome that we wanted she has recovered so many dogs over the year and works tirelessly to do so. Her most recent rescue was a Frenchie where she was on stakeout for 2 days in a field with traps to capture him and return him home to the owner.  The whole community have supported us in our hunt for obi and the messages of condolences have been heartwarming at this time.”

The group works tirelessly to track, locate and re-unite dogs with their owners in the local area. Swansgate Shopping center’s donation to the charity, has helped them to purchase a new mobile WIFI box, and hot water dispenser for when the team are working through the night.

For more information visit their Dog Squad NN8 Facebook page which includes Obis story plus many other happier ones where dog and owners have been reunited.

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