Sustainability at Swansgate

Being sustainable starts with looking at waste. Whether it is cutting out or recycling it!

With Sustainability week taking place from 3rd-6th October 2022, we wanted to bring to light just a few ways you can be more sustainable at Swansgate Shopping Centre.

Shops such as Big Europe offer plastic-free products including your daily fruit and vegetables. More than 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year and only one-third of it gets recycled. 

Therefore if you are buying plastic products or items wrapped in plastic, have a look if it can be recycled and if it can’t… see if there’s an alternative snack or product that is available then have a swap! Who knows, sometimes it could even be cheaper to be greener.

Speaking of electronics, throwing away your electronics before they need to encourages significant waste! That’s why places like Digfad are great for sustainability as they can fix up your phones and PC and make them last longer.

Being sustainable also means looking at where you shop not just what you shop. Small businesses are much better for the local area and the environment! Here at Swansgate Centre, we have plenty of small businesses for you to support.

Even using a smaller business for your hair and beauty can make a big change as many statistics show that smaller companies are more likely to make eco-friendly products and choices.

Let Sustainability week be the week you make a change.

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